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Year 7 - 10 Uniform

At Folkestone Academy we require pupils to wear correct and smart uniform so that pupils achieve a sense of belonging, and in wearing their uniform demonstrate readiness for learning.

Academy Uniform:

  • Black Leather shoes (no plimsolls/trainers/open toes/boots)
  • Shoes must not have any embellishment
  • Socks must be black, girls must wear Academy knee high socks with skirts.
  • Tights must be black and no leggings are allowed.
  • No socks worn over tights.
  • Academy skirts only to be worn and must not be rolled up. 
  • Tank tops to be worn over Academy shirt and not tucked into skirts
  • Boys to wear Academy trousers only (with logo)
  • Only shirts purchased from the Academy shop to be worn and sleeves should be unrolled.
  • Academy blazer to be worn at all times. The Head of School will announce when it is no longer necessary to wear these in school (usually during the Summer term)
  • House tie to be worn at all times. House Council tie available in House colours for representatives.
  • Hair styles must be neat and tidy at all times.
  • Hair should be of natural colours only.
  • Hair accessories should be black, white or grey only.
  • No shaved lines, Grade 1 minimum.
  • Coats are not permitted inside the Academy..
  • Bags must be black but logos are permitted.
  • Make-up should be discreet in Year 9/10/11 and is not permitted for Year 7/8
  • False/Acrylic nails or nail varnish is not permitted
  • Jewellery is not permitted except for 1 stud to be worn in the ear lobe only.
  • Black Academy trousers for girls can be worn.

Compulsory items – All clothing MUST be named. Name labels are available to purchase from the Academy shop

Guidance on Footwear 

For boys and girls shoes should be plain and black with leather or leather style uppers. This style of shoe offers support and protection for feet, from the elements and from other students feet.

The following styles of shoe are NOT allowed:

  • trainers (black or otherwise)
  • trainer style shoes including those with velcro straps
  • canvas shoes
  • shoes with heels over 4cm
  • shoes with sports logos
  • backless shoes
  • open toed shoes or sandals
  • boots

Students wearing incorrect footwear will be sent home.

Items not allowed in the Academy

  • No mobile phones
  • No jewellery other than one stud in the ear lobe only