An Introduction to Lumley House

Lumley-ShieldLumley House is a competitive House with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We love to celebrate pupil successes and always put 100% effort into Inter-House competitions. Our House is easily recognisable as it’s decorated with numerous photos and collages. We are proud to have a strong connection with our House Patron Joanna Lumley who is in written contact with us. Lumley House is renowned for being a consistent and fair House in terms of behaviour management. We are an innovative House always pushing for bigger and better things.


Head of House in 3 words:


Guidance Manager in 3 words:



B House 2018

My message to all of the Year 7 students who are lucky enough to be in Lumley House:

Welcome to our successful House where you will flourish and become a confident individual. You will become an important part of our House and contribute to our prosperous successes over the years. If you are keen on being a team player, interested in sports and thrive on competition you’ll fit right in.