An Introduction to Foster House


Foster House is named after Lord Norman Foster, the architect of the Academy building. Our motto is Fortitude, Fidelity, Fire (or Strength, Faithfulness, Passion).   Foster house is 1 of 4 houses in courtyard 1.  We are known for our lime green colour, and as a house currently have the best behaviour record. Your HoH and Guidance Manager welcome you warmly into this vibrant exciting house. 

Head of House in 3 words:


Guidance Manager in 3 words:




My message to all of the Year 7 students who are lucky enough to be in Foster House:

Welcome to Foster House!  It is so exciting to welcome another group of young students to our house.  In keeping with our house ethos, we will help you to build your future, by supporting you and rewarding you when you get things right, and make the right choices; we also know that our students can make the wrong choices.  If this happens your HoH and Guidance manager will intervene, by guiding you, and making sure that you make the correct choices in the future.

All our students in foster house are equally important to us, and as a house your HoH and Guidance manager want you to enjoy spending time in Foster House.  We want you to feel safe, cared for & part of Foster community.  We look forward to celebrating many successes over the coming years.