The Music Studio

Welcome to the Glassworks Music Studio.

This purpose-built space is home to a large live room which can accommodate everyone from solo artists to rock groups or even large vocal ensembles. We have a control room equipped with a Mac Pro, Focusrite Saffire Pro interface and Dynaudio monitors.

The Music Studio has the option of a Tascam DM-4800 mixing desk- the ultimate digital console for professional users who demand a flexible, 64-channel mixing platform.

Come and take advantage of the benefits at The Glassworks Music Studio. The space is regularly used by our Sixth Form members for practice and rehearsal. Equipment includes two Orange ‘tiny terror’ amps, a Marshall Valvestate amp, a Mapex drum kit, and a Grand Piano, which can be accompanied by two upright pianos if required.

The Glassworks Music Studio also offers a wide range of microphones, meaning we can adequately capture the sound of any musician or ensemble with accuracy. Some of our microphones include; Shure SM7B vocal mic, SE GM10 guitar mic, Rode NT5 (Pair), SE Titan, SE R1 (Ribbon mic) and Shure SM58 and SM57.

To book a recording slot visit or email Mr Fullerton or Mr Field.